Brian Hughes

Danielle Brewster

Brian Hughes

My favorite song to karaoke to is ___. 

FANCY by Reba 

Which Charlie’s Angel would you be? Jaclyn, Farrah, or Kate? And why?

Jaclyn because she’s the one who outlasted them all.

What are your true feelings about throw pillows? 

Love ‘em as long as I’m not drowning in them. 

What is your favorite accessory? 

My grandfather’s watch.

Tell me about your middle name.

Patrick, same middle name as my hero – my dad.

Danielle Brewster

In 140 characters, tell me about your favorite vacation getaway? 

Me my man a beach a book tropical cocktails = Happiness!

My most embarrassing moment is the time ___. 

So many to choose from! The most recent comes to mind when Brian spilled red wine all over me at the Giorgetti atelier apartment party in Milan and then exclaimed, “Danielle!!!” as if I had done it…

What is your favorite print?  

No print, texture.

I can’t stand ___. 

Brian Hughes eating yogurt right next to me. Sorry, B! ; )

SR Hughes is ___. 

A special place.



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