Beth Sachse

Sallie Hughes

Beth Sachse

First design memory?

My Mother helping neighbors get a “new look” by moving things around.

Favorite curse word?

(Inspired by Mr. James Lipton) $h!*

If you had your own sitcom, what would your theme song be?

“Attack me with your love” (A joke from one of my sons)

My most embarrassing moment is the time ____.

I let a mare (in heat) out to pasture where she was bred with a willing stallion. I was 12 and had no clue.

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Sallie Hughes

Tell me about your middle name.

Named after my maternal grandmother Sallie O’Neill.

What are your true feelings about throw pillows?

Less is the best.

Which Charlie’s Angel would you be? Jaclyn, Farrah, or Kate? And why?

Sorry, didn’t watch, but do you remember Inner Sanctums?

What advice would you give your teenage self?

Courage, be proud of who you are.

My guilty pleasure ____.

Pistachio Gelatto

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